Best part of a photo booth?  Pics of questionable behavior you can hold over your friends for years!

Our photo booth includes 5 hours of all-inclusive service!  Man, that sounds schmoozey.  What that means is we’ll have an attendant there to run the thing, not your DJ trying to manage the booth and your wedding, print off as many strips as your guests want and let you guys pick a customizable style for the strip.  Different colors, number of pictures, put your name on it, the possibilities are endless!  Yeah, that’s straight up schmooze.  Who writes this crap…

The bad news...We only have two booths and when they’re booked, they’re booked!  They generally book six months to a year in advance for Saturday weddings, so contact us today!

The Stuff


Let’s be honest: wires are gross.  No matter how hard you try, if you have more than one, they’re going to look like a mess.  Not going to fight that battle, just going to stuff it somewhere it won’t matter.  The booth we bring is one complete unit so you don’t have to look at that business, including the super-fast, way-heavier-than-it-should-be dye sublimation printer.  Speaking of, heavy as it is, it’ll spit out strips in less than 7 seconds.  Actual photo quality ones.  Like, real photos.  The ones that you took to a store to get printed.  None of this “I frame pictures of my grandson I had him print out on my ink-jet for me” nonsense.  


And, our booths utilize a curtain in a traditional “booth” fashion.  We’ve seen enough cameras on a stick pointed at a wall to know that people get crazier when they think no one is watching.  Even better, it’s, you know, a curtain if you would like one.  Rather than try to stuff everyone into a hard walled closet just push the curtain to the side a bit.  Now all fifteen ageing frat bros can fit in!  The suit they last wore at graduation, maybe not so much, but hey.  You win some, you lose some.  At least you’ve got blackmail material now.

Photobooth Pricing 599.00 

Just like our DJ services, we want to offer a quality product at a great price with no hidden fees.  Our booth is $499 for upto 5 hours, all-inclusive, if you use us for DJ services as well.   We also offer a “idle hour” for $30 if you would like to shut the booth down for a bit (say for dinner) and extend the booth to 6 hours.  Everything else is included–an attendant, unlimited pics and no charge for customization.


When the event is over we can send you a link to a Google Drive folder with all images taken, in both strip format AND the individual pictures!  So if you happen to get a great picture of grandma & grandpa you can have that individual picture printed–and YOU own the rights to the pictures! 


Guestbooks and Props


If you’d like to create a guestbook/scrap book for your event the photo booth is the perfect way to do that!  Our booth prints two identical strips, so one can be placed in the book for your guests to sign and the other for the guests to keep.  Other people in the strip want copies as well?  No problem.  We hit a button and it reprints two more copies of the strip!


We don’t, however, offer scrap books for you.  We’d rather you go to a store and find a book you actually like than charge you an inflated price for a book you’ll probably hate, hobby lobby..15.00 boom.  Come on your getting a great deal!!


Props?  Props are different.  By the end of the night, props are gross.  Props are covered in spilled tequila, props have made the trip the bathroom and back with Drunky McGee probably twenty times, props have had all their feathers torn out by a five year old.  At the end of the night, props would like to go where all good props should at this part of their life: the garbage.  You really don’t want us re-using these things night after night.  So, if you’d like props, awesome!  We’ll manage them, we’ll encourage the guests to use them.  Take 20 bucks, go to the dollar store or Party City or somewhere and find some stuff that you like that can go to prop heaven when it’s all over.  Win-win for everybody and you can keep them and use them again in ten years or give them as a wedding gift next month to your best friends to use, or just burn them..

Want something fun for your guests, but also maybe save some moolah? Our social pod is for you! Sharing via email, tex, facebook, twitter snapchat, tinder whatever! This little thing does it all too! GIF, Boomerang, Photos, virtual props and more! Hear granny giggle when she does a reverse twist like she was chasing the ice cream truck again...


Social Pod Pricing 399.00